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Titleist Pro v1 Pearl/A 25 Pack

Brand: Titleist
Product Code: Pro V1 Pearl/A 25
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Pro V1 Golf Balls Pearl - Grade A 25 Pack

This ball is manufactured with a solid core and a urethane/elastomer cover for high velocity with a flatter, less arching flight that is straight. It is good for long and short distances and good green play.

This ball is up to tour quality and should be used by experienced players.

The Tour-proven Titleist Pro V1® golf ball is designed for golfers seeking long distance, consistent ball flight and soft feel along with Drop-And-Stop™ greenside control for improved scoring performance.
Long distance with soft feel and Drop-and-Stop™ greenside control for improved scoring performance.

Long Distance and Consistent Ball Flight
Soft Feel on All Shots
Outstanding Scoring Performance
Drop-And-Stop™ Greenside Control
The Most Durable of all Titleist Tour-Played Golf Balls

Pearl / A Grade

We class this as our top grade of golf ball. The golf balls are a mixture of ‘Pearl’ grade balls and ‘A grade’ balls. They may have the odd faint scuff on them and may be slightly discolored when compared to a brand new golf ball. There is a very high chance that these lake balls will have slight pen marks on the balls, or a company logo printed on them.

Will contain very light scuffs

Slightly discoloured compared to a brand new golf ball

Will contain light player pen markings

May contain logos printed on the ball




Golf balls may have moderate ink marks & or corporate logos.
Pearl - Grade A These balls will consist off golf balls like new and golf balls with minor marking, small surface scratches. Every golf ball placed in these packs could be played in competition golf. The A grade golf balls will look how a new ball looks after 6-9 holes

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